Located in Contoocook, New Hampshire, a quaint and picturesque part of the country, our location clearly factors into the way we do business. A strong New England work ethic in balance with a thoughtful respect for the environment and surrounding natural resources, provides a solid foundation for the Excalibur business model. When it comes to producing quality, sustainable wood products and shelving systems, our customers can count on Excalibur to remain responsive to their needs yet conscious and protective of the environment.


We’re not control freaks but…


We control the entire manufacturing process  - from forest to final inspection!  Everything is done in house, on campus, by a talented group of dedicated employees.


We start by sourcing native eastern white pine from the surrounding area. Our logging is highly selective and the process is planned, controlled and sustainable. There is no clear cutting in our past, our present or our future. We take this commitment very seriously!


To say we control our raw materials might be a bit of an understatement.

Logs are debarked and run through our 5,000 square foot sawmill to provide the rough, round edge lumber that is dried in one of our two dry kilns. We can dry 120,000 board feet of lumber per week, and on average maintain an inventory of 2-3 million board feet on site and ready to be sorted and processed into a variety of finished goods. Strict control of our raw materials supply and inventory allows us to provide uninterrupted product availability, consistent pricing and quick turnaround times.  Perhaps that’s why we’ve maintained a large (and growing) base of loyal customers since our inception in 1982.


Production efficiency

Utilizing a broad array of purpose built woodworking, optimization, edge-gluing and metal forming equipment, our 60,000 square foot production facility transforms round edge lumber and coil steel into a variety of finished goods, and does so in a highly efficient manner. Any scrap is either used as fuel for the dry kilns or for heating the facility in the winter. Shavings and wood chips are sold as landscape material or animal bedding. Some might call us “thrifty”. At Excalibur, we simply believe it’s the right thing to do……right for the environment, right for our customers.

Although many our wood products are produced in a “natural”, unfinished state, Excalibur can provide UV curable polymer coatings through a modern Cefla finishing line with roughly a 98% transfer efficiency.


On site warehousing

At Excalibur, space is never an issue. We have a 40,000 square foot, climate controlled, warehousing facility, right on campus. So, if  your delivery requirements change, don’t worry….we got you covered.



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